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Quarter Finalists 2012

These are the 2012 results – if you followed the (annoyingly incorrect) link from a recent email, you’re probably looking for the 2014 results!

You can find them here: http://awards.screenwritinggoldmine.com/quarter-finalists-2014

These are the Quarter Finalist Scripts for the 2012 screenwriting contest.

Please link to this page, Facebook it, Tweet it and so on – don’t be shy, and get the word out about your success!

Congratulations to all on this list, and better luck next time if your name isn’t up here. As you can see from the number of successes at this stage, it was a very strong field.

The Semi Finalists will be posted on Thursday 1st November. Paid for critiques will start being emailed out from the beginning of next week. Please note I can’t enter into any correspondence about these results.

Quarter Finalist Scripts:

A Mind In Three Halves, by Mark O’Connor
A Year Of Greater Love, by Patrick FitzSymons
Albion, by Robert Blaise Hesselgren
Amazona, by Zoe Mavroudi
Archie Small, by Martin Green
Armor, by Ross McMillan
Backwater, by Mike Murray
Bad Air, by Charles Inge
Banking on Betty, by Geno Scala
Bastion, by Alan McDonald
Blood and Fire, by Karl Larsson
Blood Money, by Dillon Vanoort
Blood Runs Deep, by Nick Amatuzio
Bombay Duck, by Iqbal Ali
Bullring, by Niall Byrne
Cold Star, by Tadhg Culley
Collider, by Rebecca Handley
Contact, by Ronnie Mackintosh
Cowgirl Slapstick, by Ian Craine
Dali, by Lorraine Mauvais
Darkness On The Edge Of Town, by Patrick Ryan
Dead Air, by Jonathan Hawtrey Clark
Delta H Error, by Patrick Maher
Development Hell, by Dillon VanOort
Diligence, by Jonathan Stewart
Dr Jenner of Berkeley, by Jon Rowe
Droch Ola, by Liam Farrell
Drum, by Kenneth Lemm
Eagle Heights, by Asher Pirie
Elizabeth’s Dream, by Lorraine Mauvais
Endre & Gerta, by José Ygoa-Bayer
Eruption, by Tim Hogg
Escape from Heaven, by Georgia Shankel
Faeye, by Julie Nichols
Feelin Good, by Tony Galuidi
Fly Away Brooklyn, by Ian Kaye
Getting Betta, by Don Fried
Happy Trails, by Michael Rhodes
Heart of the Dragon, by Julien Deladriere
Hearts and Minds, by Sue Durrant
Heartstrings, by Helen Brady
Heaven Down Below, by Gill Trethowan
III, by George Strayton
I’ll Be There For You, by Linda Duncan McLaughlin
In the Stars, by Abe Frank
Jack’s Back, by Phil Peel
Kablitski, by Steve Ruttley
King Billy and the Popes, by Gerald Moynihan
Kissing Audrey Hepburn, by Patrick Brady
La Mujer, by Steve Lucas
Land of Gold, by Teresa Godfrey
Little Flowers of Africa, by Iqbal Mohammed
Long Haul, by Joseph Carpenter
Los Perdidos (The Lost Ones), by Gustavo Avila
Love, by Zoe D’Amaro
Lucid, by Philip Tarl Denson
Magic in Ordinary Places, by Joanne Haslam
Mirror-Me, by Leone Annabella Betts & Keith Dando
Mistaken Identity, by Ieuan Watkins
Money for Nothing, by ‘Nothing Nobody’ Nicholas Miles
Monkey Puzzle Tree, by Lindsay Jane Sedgwick
Monsters, by Steve Turnbull
More Than Just Sex, by Nic Penrake
Murder In The Lakelands, by Patrick Nash
OJ’S Eleven, by Lawrence Riggins
Once in Royal Bradford City, by Matthew Coombes
One Moment in Time, by Mark Green
Out of this Land, by Mark Murphy
Play Voodoo For Me, by Stuart Wright
Quiz Night, by Michael Hodgson
Ready, by Joe Becker
Reasons To Be Single, by Alison Wilkie
Red Coal Country, by Jan Smith
Red White and Blue, by Mark Jackson
Replica, by Anthony Khaseria
Resistance, by Hannah Patterson
Ripples, by Magz Wiseman
ryan.com, by Alan Davis
Sanctioned, by Sophie Petzal
Schmear Therapy, by Patrick Brady
Scratch, by Vanessa Yardley
Second Glance, by Sue Morris
Second Sight, by Lee Rathjen
Shack Castle Kings, by Natalie Hanson
Siege, by Nicholas Gibbs
Silent Night, by Gil Brailey
Sleepers, by Kulvinder Gill
Snakes and Lovers, by Susan Everett
Song of the Lost Sister, by Brian MacEvilly
Souls of Nod, by Mike Sherer
Strands, by Mike Murray
Talking Shop, by Stephen Potts
Ten Tors, by Rob Yescombe
That Guy, by Odin Ozdil
The 49th Day, by Craig Peters
The Automated Heart, by Rachel Yelding
The Binary Man, by Jonathan Hawtrey Clark
The Dog Walker, by Stephen Potts
The Dorchester Plan, by Patricia Semler
The Fare, by Michael Coleman
The Fireworks Maker, by Curtis Burdick
The Forgotten Conscript, by Jacqueline Swift
The Full Irish, by Brian MacEvilly
The Giant’s Passage, by Jonni Remmler
The Greene Man, by Mark Wilson
The Grey Escape, by Jeremy Carr
The Horizon, by Julien Deladriere
The Infernal Comedy, by Robin Bailes
The Jeweler’s Wife, by D Shailer
The King, by Richard O’Rawe
The Last Superhero, by Dillon Vanoort
The Lazarus File, by James Burau
The McCarthy Bird, by Mandy Constance
The Poisoned Mind of Professor Halfpenny, by Miranda Sen
The Pretender, by Gil Brailey
The Raven Watch, by Paula Lewis
The Rustler, by Douglas Raine
The Safest Hands in Britain, by Stephen Davis
The Season, by Tom Dirlis
The Sex Play, by James Woolf
The Sleeper, by Keith Storrier
The Steelboys, by James Haus
The Weird World of M.R. James, by Keith Storrier
The Wind Riders, by Jeff Ryback
This Man’s Land, by Jonathan Randall
Time Out, by Soulla Tantouri Eriksen
Ultimate Fight Queen, by Billie Bates
Wasteland 2020, by Gareth Tracey
We Be The Verse, by Lisa Howells
Westmoor, by Tim Hogg
Wheeling Barrow, by Adam Graveley
Whicher, by Jan Smith
Winter, by Steve Turnbull
Winter of Discontent, by Natalie Hanson
Working Class Hero, by Domenic Amatuzio & Nick Amatuzio

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