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Quarter Finalists 2013

Here are the quarter-finalists for the 2013 competition.

Congratulations to all those whose name appears here!

The semi-finalists will be announced on Thursday 3 October.

Quarter Finalists

1066, by Stephen Graham
Scratch, by Vanessa Yardley
A Preemptive Strike, by Scott Turner
A Vision of Angels, by Timothy Jay Smith
An International Woman, by Jan Smith
An Ordinary Girl, by Gerry Byron
Attic Ashes, by Lorraine Portman
Attributes of Light, by Andrew Turvil
Bad Monkey, by Matthew Hurst
Blood, by Jaimie Kanwar
Brown Bread, by Adam Graveley
Burnage Boys, by Adrian Davies Suzanne Winwood
Caravaggio’s Shadow, by Torkjell Stromme
Caravan, by Katie Wimpenny
Cooper’s Promise, by Timothy Jay Smith
Country Lover, by Niall Queenan
Crossbones, by Rosanne Flynn
Damascus Road, by Patrick Homes
Deadline Day, by John Hickman
Deadlock, by Robin Lindsey
Debt, by Paul Skinner
Dogbite, by Paul Holbrook
Doghouse, by Peter Floro
Droch Ola; Bad Blood, by Liam Farrell
End Of A Century, by Neil Westley
Endless Life, by Tadhg Culley
Family Men, by Jeff Woodard Paul
Fembryo, by John Wright
Finding Frank, by Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan
First Born, by Victoria Hanna
Getting Away With It, by Joanna Studdert-Kennedy
God Save The Queen, by Tom Wateracre
Gone Away, by Jane Eden
Gower Chronicles: Operation Red Star, by Rebecca Handley
Grace, by Lynda Lemberg Jeffrey Russel
Hagridden, by Adam Roberts
Hard Men, by Gill Kirk
Hauntings of the Sea, by Nicholas Gibbs
Hearts Blood, by Ann Tobin
How Not To Change Your Boyfriend, by Alison Wilkie
Ice, Disappear, by Gareth Tracey
Imprint, by Caitriona Spellman
Intervention, by Ian Martin
Iricana, by Sean Clancy
Jarrownack, by Nicolas Jackson
Junction 26, by Adam Thursby
Khama, by Mark Macauley
Lady Beth, by Caroline Farrell
Ladykilaz, by Karen Hope
Land of Bones, by Peter Floro
Learning to Drive, by Linda Manning
Lent, by Niall Queenan
Little Horrors, by John Cronin
Long Dead Road, by Andy Conway Richard Adams
Lost Leaves, by Sonya Desai
Mean Time, by Sonya Desai
Midnight Clear, by Peter Finlay
Minack, by Rosanne Flynn
Missing, by Sharon Walker
Mops and Stones, by Sujay Pande
Namaste Mumbai, by Beewan Athwal
Special Needs, by Sharon Walker
Nigel and Moi, by Annie Macdonald
No Go, by Susie Farrell
No.1 Hope Street, by Chris Miller
Ocean Beach, by Michael O’Keefe Michael O’Keefe
One And All, by Carmit Levite
Other Mother, by Amanda Duke
Out On A Limb, by Paul Goetzee
Paradise, by Rachel Yelding
Paradise Pond, by Lorraine Portman
Parallax, by Les Robertson
Phoebe Langtry, by Philip Peel
Pigpen, by Lindsay Jane Sedgwick
Pixer Knows, by Caroline Farrell
Portia’s Penguin, by Benita Cullingford
Precious Vengeance, by Stephen M Hunt
Rank, by Adrian Reynolds
Refracted, by Roger Thomas Brian Barnes
Retribution, by Magz Wiseman
Sacrifice, by Simon Evans
Shadytown, by Donnie Ray Clark
Shanghaied, by Curtis Burdick
Sick, by Yassir Matloob
Silent Dawn, by Janis Gibbon
Sleepwalk, by Kevin Joiner Jason McMahan
Snapper, by Claire Fowler
Something Good, by Mandy Constance
Something In The Water, by Andrew Heard
Spikes, by Nicholas Gibbs
Spring to Fall, by Neil Ilderton
Stealing Speed, by Charles Inge
Steen’s Folly, by Jeffrey Gold
Stranger Inside , by Charlotte Wise
Summer, 1960, by Ieuan Watkins
Taken, by Angela Holden
The Beach Hut, by KT Parker
The Boundary, by Stuart Nicholson
The Church, by Asher Pirie
The Dead Coast, by Gareth Tracey
The Fall of a Sparrow, by Jamie Kanwar
The Ghillie Man, by Peter Finlay
The Gods of Death, by Phillip Watson
The Golden Age, by Maya Ortega Maya Ortega
The Grey Escape, by Dee Chilton
The Hit Man and Her, by Kulvinder Gill
The Knowledge, by Mark Jackson
The Latchkey Kids, by Gini Woodward
The Method, by Edward Reeve
The People V. God, by Paul Undari
The People’s Monster, by John Gorenfeld Patrick Runkle
The Red Stone, by Kevin Smith
The Renegade Mesmerist, by Christopher Bacon
The Rest and be Thankful, by Ross McMillan
The Scandal of Skylon Hall, by Eben Skilleter
The Scare System, by Joanne Bartley
The Science Of Love and Laughter, by Sam Baron
The Secret Within, by Daniel Sunley
The Snakeman, by Jeffrey Ryback
The Soldier and the Lamp, by Janet Williams Claire Pulley
The Travel Auction, by Mark Green
The White Raven, by Deirdre Dore
The Work of Zombies, by Patricia Semler James Prine
Time Out, by Trish Cooke
Timeless, by Steven Skinner
Tobotix, by Mark Wilson
Under London, by Liz Holliday
When The Money Runs Out, by Nic Penrake
Where I Shall Be Remembered, by Max Orkis
White Trash, by Jemma Walton
William McGonagall – The Life And Rhymes, by Keith Storrier
Winging It, by Linda McLaughlin
Within Reason, by Sammi Dee
Yellow Dragon and the Red Fox, by Anthony Etherington
Your Number’s Up, by Christopher Bacon

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