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Here are the results for the 2016-17 season.
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Every year, send us your screenplay – and make your mark in the industry

We support talented UK writers, from absolute beginners to those selling their first screenplays. By helping them develop the right skills and contacts, we help new writers to break through – so that individuals can succeed and the industry can thrive.

By entering our screenplay competition, you could:

  • Have your work read by over 30 leading industry professionals from places like the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as a number of literary agents
  • Meet with three industry figures to talk about kick-starting your career

New talent is the life blood of the industry and it’s great that Screenwriting Goldmine is providing another route for emerging writers to have their voices heard and learn their craft.

Roberto Troni, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 Drama

We have an extraordinary judging panel, full of senior figures in the British TV industry, who all sign up to the judging panel because they have a serious interest in finding and helping develop new writers.

From writing for Casualty, having their single drama scripts optioned, even writing for major international TV co-productions, many of our previous finalists have gone on to find representation and get work in the industry.

That’s due, of course to their great talent – but it’s also due to the massive exposure the winning scripts get at a very senior level of the industry. This gives you a level of access that it can take years to achieve going through the usual routes. It’s no exaggeration to say that even top literary agents would struggle to get a script read by so many significant figures in the same short time frame.

Interested? Then have a look through this site, and think about entering. You could become one of the many people who have started their careers with Screenwriting Goldmine.

Your first step is to find out more about what we do and who is involved.

I feel I have a foot in the door of the major TV channels, some production companies and agents. The best part of placing as a finalist was the access to people who work in the industry. Philip kindly set up meetings with three people who have been there and done it – and they gave me real insight into how the industry ticks. Opening any doors in the industry is very difficult, but when you enter the Screenwriting Goldmine competition you have the chance of opening more than just one. I’m still in contact with the industry figures I met and hope to keep talking to them about new ideas. And that’s only because of the Screenwriting Goldmine prize.

Tom Nash, Finalist, 2015-16

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