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It can be tough to make it as a screenwriter. There are lots of competitions and courses out there, all promising to put aspiring writers in the limelight. But few truly have the expertise – and the connections – to help you succeed.

For years, we’ve helped talented writers to make it in the industry. As well as helping them develop their skills, we put them in front of the right people: producers and agents. Priceless connections we’ve built over years in the industry. Through our work, talented individuals can succeed, and the whole industry can thrive.

And we don’t just work with writers who are already signed to agents. We work with absolute beginners too. In fact, finding new writers is the most exciting part of our job.

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Because so many top industry professionals are involved in the judging, you may find yourself of interest to many of them. You’re on the radar. This is vital when you’re on the road to achieving the goals of a new screenwriter – getting an agent, getting an option (or several) and starting to work professionally.

Sonya Hadari, Finalist, 2015-16

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