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Career Update – Susan Everett

Susan Everett
Susan Everett, finalist in 2012, has been in touch to let us know what happened since the contest:

I was thrilled when my ‘Snakes and Lovers’ script was a finalist in the SG Awards, as it gave me a boost at a time when things had felt a bit flat. Writing is a long haul, that’s for sure – and we all need a thumbs up to keep us going! I think I should have pushed the script more at the time, as I have a soft spot for it, and the competition created a good opportunity for that. It’s a comedy, which is different for me, as I’m more of a thriller writer.

Deciding where my strengths were as a writer has been very helpful in the last few years. If I wanted to become a successful thriller/crime writer, I needed to write something in that genre that showed what I was capable of. So I invested a lot of time and effort into writing two 90 min interlocking crime dramas: Justice/Truth. Luckily for me – they made all the difference, career wise. The scripts were optioned, and other production companies now want to work with me. Things got really exciting when I got a writing gig – to write for Welsh crime show Hinterland. Within a year of having that first meeting and pitching a crime story, my 90 minute episode was filming. The series screens first in Wales, as Y Gwyll (from Sept 2015), and then in the UK, as Hinterland, sometime in 2016.

I am currently working on a 3 part TV true crime drama, which I need to stay quiet about for now – as well as developing TV series ideas. Feature film wise, I’m working on a couple of projects with directors. TV and features appear to work in different ways: In television, I’m asked to come up with my own ideas to write, but in features, it seems more director led. As a writer, it’s all about the story I want to tell, whatever the form. And the trick is – write it, then write it better. I have a post it note by my computer, I can’t remember where I got it from, but it’s written by someone with a bigger brain than me, about how to be a screenwriter:

A: Finish your script. B: Start another script. C: Go to A. Onwards!

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