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Entry Procedure

The 2017-18 Awards are now closed for submissions. Thank you for your interest.

Before you go any further, have you checked our rules and FAQs? They give you vital information about how long your screenplay should be.

After that, there are just a couple more things to think about:

Make your layout as professional as you can

Standard outputs from CeltX, Final Draft, or Movie Magic Screenwriter are fine. It makes your screenplay easier to read, which makes it easier for us to appreciate your ideas.

Remember: your script must be your own work

Any screenplays using other people’s stories or characters will be disqualified. For instance, we would disqualify adaptations of Dickens’s novels, or new Star Trek stories. However, we WILL accept re-tellings of old or ancient stories, where they have passed into popular culture, like Beowulf or Robin Hood. Stories based on real events – like the sinking of the Titanic – are fine too.

Filename format

Your submission MUST have a filename in the format:


This is to make our filing system manageable!

Entering your script

Step 1: Make payment

– You can pay for multiple entries at once – look for the + icon on the checkout.

– You will be given the choice of requesting feedback on the checkout form.

– You will also be given the option of 40% off a year’s subscription to Open Door.

Step 2: Send us your script(s)

– Wait for your receipt to arrive via email. (Please check your bulk mail folders – and if nothing arrives within five or ten minutes then drop us a line.)

– Make sure you include the name of your script, your name, and the order number from the receipt.

– Email your entry or entries to us at awards@screenwritinggoldmine.com

– We will acknowledge the same working day. (It may take slightly longer to come back if you enter during the evening or weekends.)


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