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Finalists 2015-2016

Here are the finalist scripts for this year’s competition.


The Brotherhood by Tom McKay
The Brotherhood is a character driven story charting the friendship of two young men, Robbie and Farhad, growing up in Bradford in 2016. As their friendship is tested to the maximum by extremism of all kinds, we set out to examine life in one of Britain’s most diverse cities, against the most complex and sensitive of religious and political backdrops.

The Certain Light by Geoff Gedroyc
The arrival of an apprentice at a remote lighthouse in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean forces the two senior keepers to confront some unsettling and destructive truths about their pasts.

Full Nelson by Tom Nash
Two down-at-heel wrestlers and their teenage accomplice embark on a crime spree in 1980s Sheffield, determined to fund their dream of joining the World Wrestling Federation in Los Angeles. But they unwittingly steal cash from some bent coppers who will stop at nothing to get their money back.

Kol Nidrei by Sonya Hadari
Auschwitz. Brilliant pianist turned committed SS officer, Frank Wilhelm is ordered to play cello sonatas with a young Jewish girl. Their unconventional friendship attracts the attention of Dr. Mengele, threatening to destroy them both and forcing Frank to relive the tragedy which led him to abandon music.

Plech and St Nevitt by Rick Griffiths
So there’s a job to do – but imported Polish hitman Plech and his driver, Nevitt, can’t stand each other. The hit turns spectacularly sour. Plech ends up with a slug in his belly fired from his own gun. Happy days. As Nevitt performs improvised knife and fork surgery on the hapless hitman, it emerges that there’s more to this job than meets the eye; a missing cache of stolen diamonds was the catalyst for the hit – and now a brace of rival villains are locked in a race for the stones. With a gambling debt to an underworld bookie stoking his fire, Nevitt resolves to find the hoard ahead of the pack – and with a complaining, wounded Plech in tow, the unfolding adventure exposes Nevitt for the man he is – or the moral hero he might become.

Highly Commended

Ball Boy by Tino Di Biase
Batang Kali by Katy Walker
Bradford Boyz by David Gilbank
Demise by David Stephens
Fat Dad by Annie Hauxwell
Magpie by Lauren Sequeira
The Serpent Under’t by Stephen Simpson
Yellow Touch Red, You’re Dead by Lauren Hoekstra
Resolution by Hugh Brune

Congratulations to all fourteen writers!

The overall winner will be announced on Thursday March 17th.

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