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Long List 2017

As I explain in the notes, this was an incredibly strong year.

The next round to be announced on Thursday 23rd March at 1.00pm.

Here are the long listed scripts for the 2016-2017 season.

Huge congratulations to all who appear here…

‘The Ghetto Gospel’ by Jeffrey Aidoo
‘Lords of Creation’ by Jools Barnett
‘Fits the Crime’ by Steve Blame
‘Something Good’ by Mandy Constance
‘Cream’ by Russell Davidson
‘Babyface’ by Aaron Diebelius
‘The Kiss’ by Susan Feehan
‘My Son’ by Miranda Flack
‘How to be a Wife’ by Dawn Green
‘Bastard’ by Brennig Hayden
‘The Rosy Hue of the Dying Day’ by Lauren Hoekstra
‘Dead and Married’ by Kristina Jilly
‘Double Cheese and Pepperoni’ by Najma Khan
‘The Brighton Send Off’ by Robbie McCallum
‘Drones’ by Alan McDonald
‘Bender’ by Brian McEvilly
‘I’ll Be There For You’ by Linda McLaughlin
‘Trident’ by Dingan Mkhize
‘Diamond’ by Rachel Paterson
‘Gone to Ground’ by Phil Peel
‘Gridlock’ by Gareth Peevers
‘Circles’ by Sarah Rutherford
‘Out of Mind’ by Alice Seabright
‘Ruth’ by Caroline Slocock
‘Augustine’s Walk’ by Tiago Sousa
‘The Lost Beacon’ by Jacqueline Swift
‘Hollow Bridge’ by Paul Thorndike
‘The Droth’ by Thomas Vowles
‘When Angels Sleep’ by James Walker
‘Running London’ by Christian Ward
‘Bluebirds’ by Simon Wilkinson
‘Rendering Kate’ by Jonathan Young

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