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Pre-meetings with Phil Gladwin for five finalists

coffee timeIf you’re a completely new writer and you get to the final five in the competition you automatically get to meet three industry people.

You may be wondering what kind of stuff you’ll talk about in these meetings. And understandably you may be a bit nervous (which is totally normal) of meeting industry people – even though they are all good, friendly people who want to get to know you and champion your work.

To help you in the best way I can I’ve decided that I’ll offer an individual pre-meeting with all five finalists before they go on to meet the judges of their choice. You and I will go for coffee in London, or Brighton, or have a chat over Skype if you’d prefer, and I’ll explain what’s likely to happen, and why, and give some pointers on how you could make a good impression. It’ll be a “what to say, what’s not so good to say, how to handle it in general” session.

That should go a long way towards smoothing over any nerves, and help you get the most out of your prize meetings.

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