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Quarter Finalists 2015-2016

Here are the quarter-finalists for this year’s competition.

Congratulations to all on the list (and don’t forget to tell Tweet/Fadebook/generally tell people you made it through this far!)

The semi-finalists will be announced two weeks today, on Thursday 18th February. Good luck!

“5-a-side” by Tom Maxted
“A Face To Paint” by KT Parker
“A Little Bit of Beautiful” by Deirdre Murphy
“A Six-Gun for the Devil” by Geoff Holder
“Across the Amazons” by Laura K. Marsh
“Africa As You Like” It by KT Parker
“Alathea” by Dennis Coleman
“Arcania” by John McNamara
“At The Point Of Need” by Emma Pitt
“Ball Boy” by Tino Di Biase
“Batang Kali” by Katy Walker
“Best of Intentions” by Phil Peel
“The Bevin Boy” by Jaye Swift
“The Big Middle” by Chris Tolley
“The Blackbirds of St. Giles” by Sylvia-Anne Parker
“Blame” by Victoria Bajic
“Boomerangs” by Sonya Desai
“Bradford Boyz” by David Gilbank & Paul Renhard
“Brainstem” by Victoria Asare-Archer
“The Brotherhood” by Tom McKay
“Burn” by Tom Nolan
“The Certain Light” by Geoff Gedroyc
“Chutney” by Ann Hawker
“The Circus Alternate” by Blaise Hesselgren
“The Cloning of George Best” by J.J Carr
“Cloud Busting” by Jon Rowe
“Coyote and the Dust-devil” by Jonah Jones
“Cunedda’s Land” by Ian Craine
“Darken Ship” by Dee Chilton
“Delta H” by Patrick Maher
“Demise” by David Stevens
“The Dragon & The Butterfly” by Hannah Pike
“The Driving Instructor” by David Melkevik
“The Dwelling Place” by Isabella Bronte
“End of Line” by Paul Hunt
“The Eye of the Needle” by Poz Watson
“Faith on the Run” by Annie Macdonald
“Fat Dad” by Annie Hauxwell
“Feral” by Louise Monaghan
“The Final Days of Eutopia” by David Almond
“Fire on the Island” by Timothy Jay Smith
“Flappers” by Kristina Day
“For What it’s Worth” by Charlotte Cameron
“Foreign Devils” by Aaron Hubbard
“From the Brink” by Paula Hunter
“Full Nelson” by Tom Nash
“Function Creep” by Jonathan Carr
“The Gate by Rachael Howard”
“Gilt” by Andrew Crook
“Girl in a Box” by Denise Stephani
“Glam” by Andy Gilchrist
“Guardian Angel” by Lorraine Lindsay-Gale & Sarah Olley
“Headbangers” by Dave Gilbank & Paul Renhard
“Hell’s Angel” by Timothy R. Sommerfeld
“He’s Still Out There…” by Mac McSharry
“I am Khama!” by Mark Macauley
“Illegal Aliens” by Chris Leonard
“The Inheritance” by Vivien Kelly
“Into the Dark” by Thomas Vowles
“Invasive Species” by Patricia Semler & James Prine
“Jet Stream One” by David Brady
“Just Enough” by Samuel Blue Gibson
“Kill or Cure” by Charlotte Cameron
“Kol Nidrei” by Sonya Hadari
“Last of the Dodos” by Anthony Khaseria
“The Life Of Dreams” by Peter Devonald & Kevin Scrantz
“Lonely Planet” by Samuel Blue Gibson
“Loyal Americans” by Margaret Dane & Peter Nicholson
“Made In China” by Billie Bates
“Magpie” by Lauren Sequeira
“Mean Spirits” by Martin Swann
“Mersey Cumparsita” by Halida Abbaro
“Missing Chapters” by Sonya Desai
“MoonCurser” by Leia Vogelle
“Ned Buntline” by Addison Anderson
“Next of Kin” by Niall Queenan
“The Night Before” by Aba Ndong
“Nimrod Sanction” by Patrick Maher
“The Nobodies” by Steve Johnson
“Outfoxed” by KT Parker
“Pig” by Paul Holbrook
“Plech and St.Nevitt” by Rick Griffiths
“Prisoner 26” by Thor Magnusson
“Private Air” by Billie Bates
“Renovation” by Jonathan Randall
“Resolution” by Hugh Brune
“Ring-A-Rosie” by Kieran Gill
“Romantic Hideaway” by Kulvinder Gill
“Row D – Box 23” by Steve Langridge
“Ruth” by Caroline Slocock
“The Sad Triumph Of Caroline Norton” by KT Parker
“Sam” by Stuart Price
“Scatter” by Ed Cripps
“Scrubbers” by Lisa McMullin
“Second Grace” by Jonathan Young
“The Serpent Under’t” by Stephen Simpson
“Shadow Player” by Emily Lassalle
“Shrouded in Darkness” by James Walker
“Soldier’s Song” by Kieran Gill
“Some Other Eden” by Anthony Etherington
“Special Unit” by Rebecca Handley
“Splinter Drive” by Thomas Vowles
“Stan Farland’s Last Chance” by Bob Eckhard
“Strangers on a Crane” by Eddie Coleman
“Strikes of the Conker” by Stephen Sunter
“The Syndicate” by Andrew Gilchrist
“Thinner Than Water” by Gareth Tracey
“Three More Minutes” by Liz Taylor
“Timebomb” by Steve Rehman
“To Grow Free and Fertile” by Andrew Gilchrist
“Train” by Diane McInerney
“Under The Southern Cross” by Stephen Guest
“Undercurrent” by Dee Chilton
“Unfinished Temples” by Gerald Cole
“Vampire United” by Sean McConville
“Wasted” by Peter Devonald
“Weeley Pop Festival” by Toby Roberts
“White Gold” by Rebecca Handley
“Winging It” by Linda Duncan McLaughlin
“Withering Rose” by Isabella Bronte
“Yellow Touch Red, You’re Dead” by Lauren Hoekstra

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