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Results 2017

So we got there.

The final tally after duplicates and a couple of disqualifications was 457 scripts from 403 writers. Mainly from the UK, but some from the US, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Two months of reading to find the five finalists, another five weeks of reading and thinking from the judging panel, and we have the results.

It was an interesting year. Many of the judges praised the high standard, and many of them told me it was very hard to rank five such different scripts.

In fact every writer had a champion. Every single script was placed in either first or second by some, placed last by others.

It’s all a matter of opinion, never forget that. All you need is one champion and you’re off!

A very clear consensus settled in the end, although from the judges’ comments – and the way every script had its fans – all five of the writers have a career ahead of them if they want it.

Here are this year’s results:

First Place and Overall Winner

When Angels Sleep by James Walker (UK)

When teenager Artin asks a Kurdish crime family to traffic his mother into the UK he is forced into a dangerous descent into their world. ‘When Angels Sleep’ follows the three journeys of Artin; his mother, Evin; and a policeman, Baris, who exploits Artin’s precarious position.

Second place

Out of Mind by Alice Seabright (UK)

A tech programmer develops new smart-glasses controlled by their user’s conscious thoughts and hacks into the data to read his girlfriend’s mind. A near-future sci-fi romantic drama.

Third place

Dead and Married by Kristina Jilly (Hungary)

Damla, a British woman of Turkish descent, lives in the confines of a joyless marriage in suburban London. When an exotic stranger, Zahid, moves in next door she has a night of passion with him. But when Zahid turns up murdered Damla must face shocking truths about her family’s murky political connections that will make her both a suspect and a target.

Fourth place

Trident by Dingan Mhkize (UK)

In the turbulent years that launched ‘Operation Trident’, one of the UK’s biggest policing initiatives, a young man finds himself drawn into a war in the dangerous streets of North West London. Loyalty and love will be the key to his survival, but every decision he makes will put some of those around him in jeopardy. Not everyone can survive. Buried under the responsibilities to his crew, he elicits the help of an older mentor, but in this world, help is never free and agendas are never obvious.

Fifth place

The Kiss by Susan Feehan (UK)

An adulterous affair is ruined when two lovers become famous for a dramatic escape from a fire that destroys the Savoy Hotel. An iconic news picture shows them as heroic and romantic — only the lovers know a different story. Fifteen years on, fame returns for the star-crossed couple when they are courted to front up a perfume relaunch — along with a new rival, resentment, well-kept secrets, and tabloid readers yearning for a happy ending.

Huge congratulations to all five writers. They’re all excellent scripts!

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