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Semi Finalists 2015-16

Here are the semi-finalists for this year’s competition.

Congratulations to all on the list.

As ever, please do Tweet/Facebook/generally tell people about where we are.

The finalists will be announced one week today, on Thursday 25th February. Very good luck for this crucial next stage!

“At The Point Of Need” by Emma Pitt
“Ball Boy” by Tino Di Biase
“Batang Kali” by Katy Walker
“Boomerangs” by Sonya Desai
“Bradford Boyz” by David Gilbank & Paul Renhard
“Brainstem” by Victoria Asare-Archer
“The Brotherhood” by Tom McKay
“The Certain Light” by Geoff Gedroyc
“Chutney” by Ann Hawker
“Demise” by David Stevens
“Fat Dad” by Annie Hauxwell
“For What it’s Worth” by Charlotte Cameron
“Full Nelson” by Tom Nash
“Function Creep” by Jonathan Carr
“Gilt” by Andrew Crook
“Kill or Cure” by Charlotte Cameron
“Kol Nidrei” by Sonya Hadari
“The Life Of Dreams” by Peter Devonald & Kevin Scrantz
“Magpie” by Lauren Sequeira
“Mean Spirits” by Martin Swann
“Ned Buntline” by Addison Anderson
“Plech and St.Nevitt” by Rick Griffiths
“Private Air” by Billie Bates
“Renovation” by Jonathan Randall
“Resolution” by Hugh Brune
“Ruth” by Caroline Slocock
“Second Grace” by Jonathan Young
“The Serpent Under’t” by Stephen Simpson
“Shadow Player” by Emily Lassalle
“Train” by Diane McInerney
“Wasted” by Peter Devonald
“Weeley Pop Festival” by Toby Roberts
“Winging It” by Linda Duncan McLaughlin
“Yellow Touch Red, You’re Dead” by Lauren Hoekstra

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